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Houston corporate apartment|houston corproate housingWhen coming down for a friendly visit or for business purposes down to Houston the most popular choices seems to be renting an expensive hotel room for your stay; however, more and more people every years seem to give Houston corporate apartments an edge over the other available alternatives. Being a relatively new concept, corporate housing is still not on everyone’s lips and there are a lot of people who are still unaware it exists or how it works. The following are the ten most frequently asked questions when it comes to Houston corporate apartments housing.

Understanding the Concept Behind Houston Corporate Apartments

What is corporate housing?

The first question which needs to be dealt with is of utmost importance seeing as how most people still do not have a clue as to what it is. Long-story short, corporate housing refers to a cost-effective alternative to staying in a hotel room for the duration of your visit. Most companies out there offer you a wide variety of choices ranging from modest yet charming one-bedroom luxury apartments all the way to fully furnished three-bed apartment homes.

Who is it for?

Corporate housing is a feature which is pretty much made to cater to those who are traveling either for pleasure or on business and are considering spending at least a few weeks in a town to which they are a stranger. The price at which the offered accommodations come is much more reasonable than that of a high-class hotel room.

What Do You Get When You Opt for A  Houston Corporate Apartment?

What features are included in my apartment?

The answer to this question naturally depends on what company you choose to go with and what apartment you chose. In most cases however, you get a fully-furnished Houston corporate apartment with all the accessories and commodities that one could need to live a comfortable life today. There are also various services such as high-speed internet and satellite television which come included.

What choices of size do I have available?

The size of your apartment will primarily depend once again on where you are renting the apartment, as well as the amount of rooms in it. Usually, the sizes of the apartments range from 700 sq. ft. all the way to 1600 sq. ft. making for more than enough space regardless of your situation.

What are the costs?

While this question gets thrown around a lot, it would be unfair to give a number here and generalize it among all the companies, since different companies have different rates based on the commodities they offer as well as a variety of other factors. It would be safe to say however that the prices can range from about $50 a day for the cheapest choice all the way to $400 a day for the more expensive ones.

What does the cost include?

In most cases the fee you pay covers the complete cost of the apartment as well as the appliances and basic services included. You can add some extra services such as housekeeping at an extra charge or even ask for additional accommodations.

How does the payment process work?

Most of the time, All the fees are included into one package and billed to you monthly. As an alternatives, companies may be billed instead of individuals and if multiple employees of a company are using the services of the same corporate housing company then their bills may be combined.

Final Details About A Houston Corporate Apartment

Are pets allowed?

This depends on the property where you are leasing your place, but it is known for a fact that a multitude of different places welcome pets.

Are there any restrictions on the amount of time I stay in the leased apartment?

There is usually a minimum 30 day stay rule; if you need accommodations for a lesser time then there are alternatives elsewhere.

Can I lease an unfurnished apartment?

While furnished apartments are the selling point of some companies, you still have the option at select locations to rent unfurnished Houston corporate apartments.